This Facebook cause is addressed to people from around the World who wants to help Catalonia to reach Independence.I know that achieve Catalonia independence is, above all, a Catalan people’s task. No one will give it except ourselves.

But I also know that if we have Friends around the World willing to help us in our cause, in their global, national, regional or local environments, the chances to win it as soon as possible, increase dramatically.

So I call to those from around the World that know and love Catalonia and Catalan people, and those that, even though they do not know us, but are true democrats and friends of People’s Freedom and Independence, to join and volunteer this cause.

Currently the cause has 5.049 friends!


  1. Catalonia deserves Independence
  2. Catalonia to Join United Nations Organisation
  3. Catalonia to Join European Union, Council of Europe, and Organisation for Security and Co-Operation in Europe memberships
  4. Catalonia to Join North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
  5. Catalonia to Join UNESCO
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