Catalan Socialists MSCD* also voted like its spanish comrades

June 30, 2011

Source: AVUI

Translation: GTIR (not official)

Both PSOE (PSC included) and PP joined forces on Thursday at the Spanish Congreso de Diputados (lower legislative chamber), against the Catalan Language to be official in Europe, in coherence with the lack of ability to use it in this chamber.

With this vote, the adoption of a proposal of resolution introduced by CiU urging to Spanish government to take advantage of the changes in language regime rules derived from the accession of Croatia to the European Union (EU), to claim the official statuts for Catalan in the European Institutions, did not pass.

The resolution contained the petition that four Catalan MEPs, Mr. Ramon Tremosa (CiU), Ms. Maria Badia (PSC), Mr. Oriol Junqueras, and Mr. Raül Romeva (ICV), sent to Spanish Government in mid-June.

The Catalan Socialists (PSC), voted the same as the rest of the Socialist group after CiU rejected an amendment they suggested to the resolution, arguing it was too weak.

The final vote revealed once again the unity of the two main Spanish forces in this issue.

The CiU introduced resolution demanded to the Spanish Government that in accordance “with the provisions related to EU language regime and its commitment to linguistic diversity and citizens cultural rights, to take advantage of normative reforms to be carried out in the EU Treaties and Regulations on the occasion of Croatia accession to the EU, to ensure that the Catalan language has an official status in the EU institutions”.

It is the same text drove by the four MEPs -PSC´s Maria Badia included- to urge the Spanish Government make a move in this issue.

They believe that the Croatia accession is a golden opportunity that open ways to the Catalan language and affirm that the measure would have no cost to the European Institutions due to most of EP Spanish translators are Catalan speakers.

The proposal of resolution also include a second point that urged the Spanish Government to introduce a law proposition to amend the Organic General Electoral Regime Law (LOREG) intended to allow the existence of autonomy level electoral districts (for EP Parliament election), provided the parliament of eachy territory approved them.

In this way, CiU recall that a respond will be given to the EP request to States Members in order to divide its EP elections constituencies if they include more than 20 million inhabitants. The socialist amendment, rejected by CiU, wanted this point to be eliminated.

*MSCD (Member of Spanish Congreso de los Diputados)


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