Catalonia´s puppet government outflanked by GOS new policies

Although it was known and expected that once in charge of the Government of Spain (GOS), Mr. Rajoy‘s Partido Popular (PP), would set up new centralist policies, Mr. Mas‘ puppet government reaction has been timid and confusing. Even worst, it seems to consider them as minor reforms only. However, with the excuse to deal with the deficit, new GOS is committed to scrap the few autonomous powers still standing after the 2006 Statute of Autonomy disaster. No one understands Mr. Mas invisibility in front such an scenario. In fact, due to PP announced reforms, the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia will become just a mere manager of a Catalan budget, that will required a GOS approval before its final pass.

As usual, PP has spoken loud and clear. They defend Spain as One Nation only, and that no (Catalonia’s) right to decide exists and will ever exist. No “fiscal pact” exists either. The same for (Mr. Mas) so much referred, “national transition”. Or may be CiU’s national transition project heads towards Spain instead of Catalonia?

In any case, those that favour autonomy and sit at Government table, are the first who have to explain the collapse of autonomy. A scenario, by the way, thatReagrupament announced some months ago.

To a serious -as Mr. Mas likes to present himself- President, we only ask him to recognize the gravity of the situation, and change strategy accordingly. Forget gestures, rethoric and appeals to people’s will, and practice true President’s responsibility. President Mas should be loyal to the people that elected him, and not to a political party (PP) that openly wants to destroy Catalan Identity, Language and Culture. President Mas should be loyal to the people, not financial lobbies, not to a partner with interests in the Spanish ministries.


There is an adult and complete nation, full of problems, debts and challenges, but willing to stand up and exercise their rights within an European democratic framework. Other nations who share similar scenarios to Catalonia’s, for example, Scotland, count with leaders decided to end dependency. And we, the Catalans? Do we have a president ready to lead the nation towards freedom and the right to decide? Or a sad manager just satisfied with the crumbs of the crumbs.

Authored: RCat web team
Translation: JS


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