A few days ago, Mr. Oriol Pujol, number 3 of CiU federation, recommended to pro-Catalonia independence supporters some lime tea, and Mr. Duran i Lleida, number 2 of the same federation, denied that SNP is for Independence. On Tuesday, Mr. Artur Mas, President of the Generalitat de Catalonia, and CiU’s boss, had to announce that “perhaps the seams of the Constitution and the Estatut have to be teared a bit”. Thus Mr. Mas is trying to rise as a country’s defender in front of the previous discouraging statements referred.

Mr. Mas, expects to counteract the nationally frustrating effect of both statements, that caused a deep disappointment between those most sovereignists. These statements disappointed again the most sovereigntist troops. Besides, former Minister Carme Laura Gil censured them in public in her blog, considering them as “regrettable”. In this way, CiU’s leader is trying to slow Mr. Duran i Lleida’s usual expressions down, which have a clearly pro-Spanish unity tone. We can understand this as an attempt from Mr. Mas to maintain his formation’s typical ambiguity, from which they expect collecting votes from everywhere.

Mr. Oriol Pujol considers that sovereignism, is an affliction that has to be treated with some lime tea

In an interview for the newspaper El País, Mr. Oriol Pujol was asked if sovereignism has to be operated on, or if a pill treatment should be enough. Mr. Pujol declared: “For more or for less? The most effective thing is treating it with lime tea: some lime tea, a bit of patience. Our approaches want neither too much urgency nor fireworks. Otherwise, they create frustrations.”


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