On Tuesday, February 21st, Mr. Joan Carretero, President of Reagrupament, was interviewed in Jordi Graupera´s Gent que m’estimo (People I love) section of Jordi Basté´s program El món a RAC1 (radio).

You can listen the interview (in Catalan) here.

Here you can read a summary of the most relevant answers of the interview.

This (Catalonia) is a country of Catholic tradition in which there are many non-practicingCatholics, and also many non-practicing independentists

This country is always looking for euphemisms. The fact is, in practice, people want to be Spanish… a different kind of Spanish, because Catalans always look for strange things, but ultimately, we want to play against Real Madrid”

It is possible that those who have tried to lead, have not known enough. We did not give people a chance to trust us.”

“Most citizens want to define themselves in one way, but to act differently”.

“I’ve always said, and I keep it, that every country has what it deserves”

“The main obstacle to Independence is that Catalans do not really demand it”

“Independence is not something that is given by someone. You take it. If Catalans want it, we will get it”

“The Spanish state has no say if Catalans decide to be independents”

“We always want others to do our job. I’ve heard silly things such as hope Madrid will get tired of us, and expel us…”

“The problem is not the lack of unity to share a few pro-independence votes… the problem is that they are few!”

“Reagrupament continues because we are convinced we are right… The problem is that, until now, our countrymen don’t accept that … since we are die-hard people, we will keep trying it”

Convergència (Democràtica de Catalunya) is the greatest invention in politics in recent years because they always succeed. First they talk about economic pact, after about a fiscal pact only, and now they agree on a rebate of only 6 bilions of euros”.

“Mr. Jordi Pujol, fooled us for years. Moreover, he ridiculed and despised pro-independence militants. He treated us as we were all crazy, people without a clear roadmap. But now he agrees that may be we are right”

Author: Rcat Web Team
Translation: JS
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